One of Baracuta's most iconic pieces, the G4 - also known as the G9 Harrington Jacket's real twin. The G4's design is inspired by Baracuta's most famous piece, but just like two real brothers, the G4 and G9 are similar yet they have important differences making each one of them truly unique and unmistakable. The G4 is the perfect piece for those who prefer a more relaxed look: the G4's fit is indeed more comfortable than the G9's, without the elastic band that completes its design or the ribbed cuffs. The G4 features the iconic Fraser Tartan lining, the wide slanted pockets, and the umbrella back yoke on the back. On, the Baracuta's G4 is available in many different colors and materials, not only in Baracuta Cloth but also in corduroy and suede. The G4 is the right jacket to wear every and each season, and not only for your casual looks, but also to add a surprising detail to a refined and elegant look. The G4 is genderless, designed to be worn by anyone: express your style and personality to the fullest, wear the original G4 by Baracuta!