Waxed Cotton – Perfect for Rainwear

Did you know before Baracuta was born in 1937, The Miller family had been producing and crafting rainwear for famous brands as far back as 1912? This is all thanks to the city they found themselves in and the weather they experienced very often. Manchester, England, one of the rainiest cities in the UK and the perfect stomping ground to develop expertise in crafting top notch rainwear. These years of experience proved invaluable as it led the family to create an iconic British heritage brand with high quality pieces and materials including the famous G9 Harrington Jacket in Baracuta Cloth. 

Baracuta Cloth has been a constant fabric throughout the history of the brand, however newer materials have since been added to the family. Baracuta ensures the use of top-class fabrics and materials allowing each piece to become an everlasting staple.

One of these high-quality materials is waxed cotton. Being born in Manchester, a city which receives a lot of downpours, we simply cannot overlook the use of Wax Cotton in our garments. Baracuta sources its Waxed Cotton from British Millerain, the original manufacturer of waxed cotton since 1880. British Millerain is located in England, UK and develops fabrics to suit a wide variety of clothing requirements, like in Baracuta’s case, rainwear! 

But what is waxed cotton? Waxed cotton is a fabric which goes through a treatment where Cotton is infused with wax in order to make it water-resistant. This treatment allows our garments to be passed down generation to generation. Waxed cotton came about thanks to sailors who were having to face the cold wet and rainy conditions of life out at sea. To make their sails water resistant they began coating their sails in linseed oil. This soon continued onto their clothing which allowed them to be able to carry out day to day sea life. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that British Millerain came to pioneer the development of waxed cotton. We are proud to use this British company’s world renown waxed cotton in our collection.

In our Autumn Winter ’22 collection you can find Waxed Cotton in three of our pieces, our Waxed Cotton Bucket Hat, Terence Waxed Jacket and the G9 Waxed Pocket. Three pieces which have gone through the amazing waxing treatment making the pieces resistant to rain! The perfect pieces if you find yourself in a wet and windy place as you’re sure to step out the door and be comfortable all day long. We love rain, it is one of the big factors why Baracuta exists today! Making high quality garments from unique materials making it possible for our pieces to last year after year, generation after generation.

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