The long-awaited return of the great Mastermind is back! This long-standing partnership with Baracuta gets better and better every time! Mastermind is one of the world's most influential Japanese brands.


Again, the two brands put their thinking caps on and came out with a capsule collection that’ll send every streetstyle lover into orbit, taking inspiration from Baracuta's elite and iconic G9 and G4 jackets and creating fully kitted looks! When you have Baracuta’s expertise in craftsmanship and tradition and mix that together with Mastermind’s unparalleled creative flair and knowledge of design - which have been instrumental in bringing this project to life through an insane fusion of British and Japanese heritage.



As always Mastermind’s contribution to the project has been noteworthy. By modifying the G9 and G4 jackets, introducing tracksuit bottoms and matching bucket hats, they have transformed the classic Baracuta look into new, oversized garb. Mastermind has added its signature skull logo and hid it within the G9’s zipped sleeves, whereas on the G4 both brands’ names can be found embroidered into the cuffs. Both jackets have the same iconic Mastermind Skull embroidered onto the back making the jackets a distinctive Mastermind x Baracuta creation.


Along with the G9 and G4 upgrade, Mastermind and Baracuta have brought out matching bottoms. As one of the main differences between the G9 and G4 are the presence of the ribbed or relaxed cuffs and waistband. Both brands wanted to portray this in the bottoms too. The G9 Trousers have ribbed hems whereas the G4 Trousers have relaxed hems coinciding perfectly with the jackets. Along with this, the trousers had to portray other Baracuta signature features, so the application of the iconic umbrella yoke was placed on the back of each leg giving them that Baracuta touch. Mastermind placed its Skull Logo above it and also applied the embroidered brand names on each leg.


Baracuta and Mastermind saw it fitting to make the collaboration accessible to those who prefer to go for the oversized t-shirt or comfortable hoodie. Both the tee and hoodie have Baracuta’s umbrella yoke embroidered onto the back to keep it on brand. The two brands’ logos are clearly seen on both along with the embroidered branded names seen throughout the rest of the collection. They took two simple pieces and really made it their own.


We have the jackets, the trousers, the t-shirt and hoodie; we just need a slick Bucket Hat to top things off. Introducing the Mastermind Bucket Hat! If you thought it would be a simple bucket hat, you thought wrong! Mastermind and Baracuta really went all out to make them stand out. With the addition of Baracuta’s signature umbrella yoke and a handy little flap pocket, you’ll be wandering around with the handiest bucket hat on the market. Now the real question is, what are you going to store in that tiny pocket?


Not to fret, many of Baracuta's iconic features remain intact, like the umbrella back yoke, the raglan sleeves, the notable slanted pockets, the internal pocket – did you think we’d get rid of the handiest pocket to keep your bits in like your phone?! - and of course, Baracuta’s signature Fraser Tartan lining adding a touch of authenticity and heritage to the collection.


This collaboration between Mastermind and Baracuta is unique for its seamless fusion of British and Japanese cultures, resulting in innovative designs that blend tradition with avant-garde style. Noteworthy features include the integration of Mastermind's iconic skull logo, meticulous attention to detail such as ribbed hems and embroidered branding, and the addition of practical elements like flap pockets on bucket hats. While maintaining Baracuta's signature features, the collection also offers accessibility through oversized T-shirts and hoodies, ensuring a versatile appeal. Overall, this collaboration stands out for its creative approach, cultural blend, and commitment to quality craftsmanship.